Salaya Campus Map

  1. Mahidol University International College
  2. Mahidol University Wittayanusorn School
  3. College of Sports Science and Technology
  4. National Institute for Child and Family Development
  5. Morgue and Crematorium
  6. National Laboratory Animal Center
  7. Faculty of Veterinary Science
  8. Biotechnology Research and Development Center
  9. Vaccine Research and Development Center
  10. Faculty of Engineering
  11. Office of the President
  12. Research Center on Cell Culture and Development of Biological Products
  13. Neurobehavioral Biology Center
  14. Student Dormitories
  15. Research Center on Plant Cell Culture and Development of Biological Products
  16. Research Center on Reproductive Biology of Economic Plants
  17. Wastewater Treatment Plants
  18. Ramathibodi Hospital Nursing Dormitory
  19. Ramathibodi Hospital Lecture Hall
  20. Footbal Field 1
  21. Football Field2
  22. Tennis Courts
  23. Volleyball Courts
  24. Sepak Takraw Courts
  25. Ratchasuda College (for the Disabled)
  26. College of Religious Studies
  27. Information and Communication Technology