Mission Statement

The Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra (Thailand Phil) is under the patronage of the Royal Thai Government and is part of the Mahidol University College of Music. The mission of the Thailand Phil is to enrich the life of the country as it inspires, entertains and educates a wide and diverse audience with the unique experience of live symphonic music, ensuring that future generations will continue to enjoy this legacy that so magnificently celebrates the human spirit. Moreover, the Thailand Phil aims to achieve a reputation for excellent music performance through concerts, recordings and cooperation with acclaimed soloists and conductors.

The Thailand Phil is devoted to performing music of all styles and genres from western orchestral repertoire to Asian and ethnic Thai music. Furthermore, Thailand Phil regularly commissions new works from prominent national and regional composers.

The Thailand Phil is grateful for the ongoing generous support of its patrons and sponsors. The orchestra has a singular commitment to work together with anyone who shares in its vision: bringing high quality musical performances to Thailand.

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