Punyawas Manomaiphibul

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Additional Information

She started her career at an early age as a tutti 1st violin, and later concetmaster, with the Dr.Sax Junior Chamber Orchestra in Bangkok, Thailand (1998-2003). Then, she joined Dr.Sax Chamber Orchestra since 2003 until now.

She became a member of the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra (TPO) since 2005 as a tutti violin. She is studying violin with Ajarn Inga Causa.
Her career as an orchestra violinist is the one that she love. She has opportunities to play with many orchestras and travel around the world to perform concerts, such as Italy, Germany, Austria, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, China, Myanmar and Laos.

In 2005, she won first prize of International Youth Chamber Music Competition (IYCC) in Switzerland, with Dr.Sax Chamber Orchestra. And in 2013, she won first prize of Galyani Vadhana International Youth Chamber Music Competition as a principal 2nd violin in Unisono chamber orchestra.