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Dr. Juckrit Charoensook was graduated from College of Performing Arts, School of Music, University of Northern Colorado. He is a full time faculty at the College of Music Mahidol University. He has a wide experience of playing viola, including performing solo, chamber music, and orchestra domestically and internationally. He also has a strong experience of developing new tools for music pedagogy; including 2016’s hit “Chord Heroes” cards game. Not only that, in order to raise an awareness of the viola instrument, he is also an artist of “Violist’s Journey,” which has produced more than 300 art works. He makes fusion and “creative arts” by various types of audio and visual works.

He welcomes anyone who is interested in his works, which can be found on “Dr. Zax Games” (for music educational tools), and the “Violist’s Journey” (for his arts) Facebook fan pages, or can be experienced by simply visiting the College of Music, Mahidol University for his Viola performances.