Aviga Nimitsup

Born in: Phitsanulok
Member Since: 2010

Additional Information

Aviga started her career of music by having a piano lesson since  3 years old  with A.Rapeephan ,at Yamaha Music School, Phitsanulok.  After studying piano for seven years, she lost interest in playing the piano and changed to the violin instead. At first, she did it as a hobby, but years later she started to get more serious about it, and since her father was very supportive about studying music, all her family moved to Bangkok to find some tutoring school for college of music examination, and in this case the school was “Dr. Sax Music School”. Aviga studied with A.Pichet and A.Jirapat there. She had a quite hard time trying to catch up with the standard quality of the examination, but finally, she passed.

After she was accept into the College of Music, Mahidol University as a pre-college student, she got to study with an amazing teacher named Inga Causa, which was the person she studied with for  seven years until she graduate the bachelor degree.

During seven years of studying in College of Music, Mahidol University she attended in many musical activities such as SAYOWE Symphony Orchestra(2010), SEAYCO(2013), Awarded the 1st prize, Princess Galyani  International Strings Ensemble Competition(2013).