Col. Prateep Suphanrojn

MA BA LRSM Composer in Residence and the Resident Conductor

Col. Prateep Suphanrojn was born on August 3, 1972 at Suphanburi, Thailand. He enlisted the Royal Thai Army School of Music as the Oboist and Tubaist in 1988. After graduating in 1996, he received scholarships from the Royal Thai Army to pursue the Band Master Course at the Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall, and Kingston University. He received the Bandmastership from the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (LRSM) in 1997 and a Bachelor of Arts from the Kingston University in 1998. That same year he won prizes for the following competitions:

  1. Second prize for Conducting, receiving the Presentation Metronome and Silver Plated Dish
  2. Second prize for Brass Band Arrangement, receiving the Silver Plated Dish
  3. Second prize for Ministry of Defense Examination, receiving the Silver Plated Dish
  4. Winner prize for Marches Composition, receiving The Commandant’s Prize and Silver Plated Dish
  5. Winner prize for Original Composition, receiving the Somerville Prize and Silver Plated Dish
  6. Winner prize for Popular Songs Arrangement, receivingThe Tomlison Award and Silver Plated Dish
  7. Winner prize for Best Oversea Student, receiving theGraham Wallace Award and Silver Plated Dish
  8. Winner prize for Best All-Round Student, receiving The Worshipful Company of Musician’s, Medal and Silver Plated Dish

In 2007 he completed the Master’s Degree in composition from College of Music, Mahidol University. At present, he is the orchestra director of the Royal Thai Army Symphony Orchestra,resident conductor for the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra, and both composer and conductor for the Dr. Sax Chamber Orchestra as a part of the Music Talent Research Project. In 2012 his arrangements from album “SAIYOKE” won the prize “best album” on Kom Chad Lauk Awards.