Kantida Sangsavang

Born in: Bangkok, Thailand
Member Since: 2014

Additional Information

1st prize at Music festival of Bangkok competition, 3rd prize in category A (Chamber orchestra) at Princess Galyani Vadhana International String Ensemble Competition 2014, the Honorary Awards in category B (Piano Quartet/Quintet) at Princess Galyani Vadhana International String Ensemble Competition 2015

She was interested in violin’s voice; she began studying at the age of 14 with Mr. Manuchai Hongsakul . Later she studied with Ms. Inga Causa and passed the audition at the Pre-College of Mahidol University (College of Music)

In pre-college, she was joining in mahidol symphonic orchestra and Salaya chamber orchestra. She got merit scholarship in 2013 and same year she have done the violin recital.

After she graduated at Pre-college she continues studying undergraduate at the Mahidol University, Major Performance. While she studying she join Princess Galyani Vadhana Youth Orchestra, Mahidol Symphony Orchestra (concert master), Sisi Chamber Orchestra, Salaya Chamber Orchestra, got merit scholarship in 2014 and always have concert, she also have a master class with Mr.Peter Schumayer and etc. As a soloist she had performed with Mahidol Symphony Orchestra. Now she is the member of Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra (TPO) and she is a teacher at Musical Invention studio and Piano Gallery. She really enjoins to teach and share music with children and everyone.