Tachinee Patarateeranon

Born in: Bangkok, Thailand
Member Since: 2014

Additional Information

Tachinee Patarateeranon started her first violin lesson with Thai teacher.Then in 2008, she entered to Pre-college Program at College of Music Mahidol University, majoring in violin classical music performance and had studied with instructor Juris Mardrevich. She has many opportunities to perform with vary chamber and orchestras including studio recital, student recital, etc. In October 2010, she participated in SAYOWE (South East Asian Youth Orchestra and Wind Ensemble camp) 2010 and had performed in Myanmar as a violinist in SEAYCO (South East Asian Youth Chamber Orchestra) 2011. After that, she had performed again in Vietnam with SEAYCO 2013. And in 2013, she won the First prize in Princess Galyani Vadhana International Ensemble Competition (string) under the member of Unisono. In 2015, she had graduated the bachelor degree of music from College of Music Mahidol University with first class honors and be the member of TPO since 2014.