Nichapa Nilkaew

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Nichapa Nilkaew was born in Bangkok in 1992.She started learning cello when she was 15 at high school,Sarasas witaed Bangbon school. She start to play the cello seriously, studying with Aj. Shunthorn Prakorb, when she was 17 and in the same year joined the Thailand Youth Orchestra or TYO. At age 18 she changed to study with Aj. Apichai Leamthong and received a full scholarship under the name of Princess Galayani at the Conservatory of Music, Rangsit University. Currently she’s a 3rd year student. In 2012, Nichapa joined the ‘Russia-ASEAN Symphony Orchestra’ in Bali, Indonesia. She attended Summa Cum Laude International music festival in Vienna with SiSi as a member and won the 1st price. She is currently a student of Aj.Apichai Leamthong. In 2015, She solo Haydn Cello Concerto in C major with National Symphony Orchestra. In this year she got the 1st price of Princess Galyani Vadhana ensemble competition.